Having problems with your Olympus D-460 Zoom Digital Camera ?

"Card Full" Images printed at Wal-Mart. Unable to remove from card. Images downloaded to laptop...formatted from computer. Insert card in camera...can't take pictures, display reads, "Card Full". Format attempted in camera...ends up with "No Images" indicating format is successful. Still can't take pictures...display says "Card Full" Not my camera. It belongs to elderly uncle who expects me to "fix" his camera! Please help.

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My answer:

Your 2000 model year Olympus\015\012D-460 Zoom DigitalCamera, that is now possibly going on 8 years old\015\012(not sure when youbought it), may not only be having memory card\015\012problems so much as it(camera itself) may just be plain tired/worn out\015\012period. After all - itmay very well be 8 years old! That is a long time\015\012running for anydigital camera!! Olympus included!

First of all -\015\012You are hopefully using one of the following SM memorycard sizes in\015\012your camera: Removable 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64MB 3V (3.3V)SmartMedia\015\012(SSFDC) Cards? I hope so as only these above listed SM sizecards will\015\012work in your camera! Anything larger then a 64MB card willnot work, as\015\012the camera BIOS chip will not even recognize it at best orsecondly will\015\012not even read/write it properly. AND - even if it were totry - the pix\015\012saved on it would never be properly (E2PROM) or EEPROM(Electrically\015\012Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) saved, and wouldnever be able\015\012to be fully retrieved properly!! This I KNOW FOR A FACT!!There has to\015\012be power to the memory card first before it will doanything - READ or\015\012WRITE!! Thus the EE part of the term E2PROM.

(One Olympus 8MB SM card including Panorama function was initially supplied with your camera as well)

Are\015\012you still using that same original 8MB card by chance?? Or are youusing\015\012a larger SM card no larger then 64MB? If you are still using\015\012thatoriginal 8MB card then I can already see a few possible causes\015\012offormatting problems you are having there.

First being - Are\015\012the electrical GOLD contact strips on that card youare using at present\015\012very dirty & tarnished or DULL looking, asopposed to being a very\015\012BRIGHT GOLD COLOR? If they are tarnished (verydull looking), and if you\015\012handle the SM card(s) (or any memory cards for that matter)\015\012improperly - then that is your problem INDEED rightthere, or at least\015\012HALF your problem as it were. If you touch these(real Gold btw)\015\012electronic contacts time and time again then they willtarnish and cause\015\012parity writing problems (bad memory bits) to thecard. Esp writing\015\012problems - as the Read part goes hand and hand as itwere! This again I\015\012KNOW for FACT!

When the camera writes bad data (bits) to the\015\012memory cards, not onlydoes it store that bad data (bits) everywhere\015\012throughout the card, butit is written much like that of a "straight\015\012line effect" in that if onebit is bad then the entire line - as it were\015\012- is bad as well, andnothing wants to be read back properly!!

Secondly\015\012- Same goes for an internally bad memory card as well - inthat - if any\015\012one bit of storage space inside the card itself goes bad- then the\015\012whole card is bad. Nature of the design with EEPROM designedmemory\015\012cards. Rarely does this latter case scenario happen, but itcould with\015\012abuse to the card (ie: exposure to excessive heat, excessivebending of\015\012the card to any degree, etc)

If your SM card even has ever been\015\012forcefully bent while inserting itimproperly into the camera memory\015\012slot (whether improperly angled orreversed side in) then chances are\015\012some irreversible damage has beendone to it, and time will only tell if\015\012it totally fails initially orsomewhere down the road. That is part why\015\012the thinner (more prone tobending) style SM cards were phased out to\015\012begin with, and replaced bymuch thicker/stiffer, and much stronger\015\012cards like the XD cards forinstance.

Here are some very important DOS & DON'TS where SM or XD memory cards are concerned:

Please\015\012read what I'm posting below for asimilar XD mem card problem, as I\015\012firmly know you are "formatting"your SM card improperly using your home\015\012computer instead of"formatting" the card in your camera, regardless of\015\012what cmptr OS you are using.

Most early model Olympus digital\015\012cameras would only use the CAMEDIAsupplied software that came along\015\012with that camera, and ran excellentwith WIN98SE & WIN2000 OS\015\012whether using a USB Card Reader or elsedownloading directly from the\015\012camera using the USB adapter cablesupplied with the camera. If you are\015\012now using XP (or even worse yetVista) and you have any driver issues\015\012with your XP at present - thenthat is your 1st priority to clean that\015\012up first. Everything else priorsaid above being secondary!

Also the SM type card & size are very important as well!!

What\015\012you will have to do is read and download the photos you have/hadonthat\015\012SM card using the same CAMEDIA software and/or WIN98SE or WIN2000with\015\012or without a "card reader" you may have used before, and thenproperly\015\012"re-format" that card in your "CAMERA ONLY". This WILL solveyour SM\015\012card problems.

Also -

1st - If you have an older Olympus\015\012camera morethen 4-5 years old the newer M & H series XD type cards\015\012over 256MBwill probably not work in your older camera, as by the\015\012camera'sinternal BIOS firmware chip design of the camera itself. Some\015\012cameras wereupgradeable some weren't as to the internal firmware chip,\015\012as well asavailable software drivers depending on which computer OS\015\012system youwere using ie: (WIN98SE, WIN2000, etc). Has to do with the\015\012memory cardread/write chip speed as well, and also has to do with the\015\012physicalstorage size of the card itself. Some digital cameras were\015\012MAXED OUT with512MB cards, some as low as 256MB. At that point a 2gb\015\012card simple won't work inthat/your camera in that case.

If you\015\012read the camera's user manual it will possibly tell you this, orelse go\015\012online to www.olympusamerica.com and use this link:

Viewwhich cameras are compatible

Select\015\012camera model series and scroll down the model # and research themax\015\012card size & type you can use (3 basic XD card speed typesavailable\015\012- regular XD - M type - H type).

If you are using the wrong type\015\012& size card you will need to returnthat card (if you can) and get\015\012the right XD size & type for yourcamera.

2nd - You should\015\012always FORMAT (same as ERASE ALL and FORMAT modes onmost Olympus\015\012cameras) the new card, or any SM/XD card for that matter inyour camera\015\012itself. NOT THE HOME COMPUTER!!! The 2 format proceduresare not the\015\012same!!

If you are re-shooting (re-using) the same XD card over\015\012and over againand then downloading the JPEG pix directly to the\015\012computer using a USBinterface cable there usually is no need to\015\012re-format the card again aslong as the XD card stays the camera and is\015\012not downloaded into a homecomputer via say a "card reader". If you do\015\012the latter "card reader" then Iwould advise doing a card re-format in\015\012the camera again just to besafe!!

And\015\012lastly - If your home computer recognizes the XD card via a good"card\015\012reader" (do not FORMAT the XD card here btw, as you are justchecking\015\012the card out to see if it is GOOD is all), but the camera willnot then\015\012that is a good sign your camera is OK, but it's just the wrongtype\015\012& size XD card.

Hope this helps solve your camera SM/XD problems past to present regardless which modelyou have.

See the following camera example info for your specific model at the link belowunder Storage Media:

\015\012Steves Digicams - Fujifilm FinePix A330 - User Review
Best regards,

Try putting the card back in the laptop and formatting it FAT32 and not NTFS. Some cameras are not able to read the NTFS file system.
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"Card Full" Images printed at Wal-Mart. Unable to remove from card. Images downloaded to laptop...formatted from computer. Insert card in camera...can't take pictures, display reads, "Card Full". Format attempted in camera...ends up with "No Images" indicating format is successful. Still can't take pictures...display says "Card Full" Not my camera. It belongs to elderly uncle who expects me to "fix" his camera! Please help.

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